Cleaning the Glass on Your Gas Fireplace

The glass on a gas fireplace can become dirty due to the combustion process. The white film that builds up can be easily removed with a special “wax-like” cleaner.

  • Using a paper towel or soft cloth, apply 2 tablespoons of the cleaner per side over the entire surface. Let dry for 10-15 minutes. Wipe off.
  • The dust that collects in the units with doors or louvers can easily be removed with a vacuum or soft cloth.
  • If your fireplace has a fan, make sure to wipe the fan blades free of dust and grime to prevent the fan from getting out of balance and becoming noisy.
  • If the  glass has an excess of dark carbon build up, we recommend hiring a service cleaner, as it is likely the unit is not burning correctly.

DISCLAIMER - Blue Flames
Blue flame lights will no longer be available on units built after July 01, 2021. The blue light has been replaced with a bright yellow, orange and red light combination to offer you a more realistic flame effect. We reserve the right to modify and upgrade our product at any time without prior notice.


Flames and flame colors on the website may appear differently in real life. To view the most accurate representation of our regular flame sets, please visit your nearest dealer.

We reserve the right to update products, specifications and dimensions are subject to change. Please refer to the product manual to verify measurements and clearance requirements. All local building codes must be followed.